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Inspira Group is a leading group of businesses in Serbia operating in the fields of employment, automotive, real estate, e-commerce and insurance.

Inspira group

Who are we?

You will find a lot of things that are important to your life on our websites. In a world that is becoming increasingly faster and more complex, we accustom people to quality and useful digital services and provide them with information, as well as tools for deciding and solving important and practical life matters.

We were founded in 2000. as a student website called Infostud. Some of our employees were born that year, and some remember the TV show “Beyond 2000”. We endure. We roll. We fly, and we change. Since 2022. we go by Inspira group. A minor share of the company is also owned by the Finnish group Alma media.

In the Inspira group, we combine the qualities of our businesses, from strong market leaders to companies that are developing. The Group is what brings them together, gives them direction, a systematic approach and support, but also enough freedom for independent business decisions.

We were founded in Subotica and our headquarters are there because we believe that it is good to encourage the development of smaller towns in Serbia. Hundreds of our employees and their families share that opinion, and employees from Belgrade and other cities often fall in love with Subotica  and see it as a second home.

We also support positive developments in the society around us, in order to live and work in a healthy environment. From the development of the “IT Subotica 2030” and “Inspira Hub” initiatives, through humanitarian aid actions which we do from our hearts and for our souls, to the establishment of the “Digital Serbia Initiative”.

We are the digital life companion of our users.

Meet the Inspira Group businesses

Infostud – Center for employment and career development

Poslovi.infostud.com is the leading employment website in Serbia with over 3,000 ads at any time. It provides information on the supply and demand of jobs, encourages the preparation of people to find a suitable job and connects them with employers who are looking for quality workers using effective methods.

Startuj.com is a website dedicated to young people, their interests and their needs. It provides information on current scholarship and study programs, as well as opportunities for starting a career or professional development.  In addition, young people can find advice in the field of education, choosing a career and finding a job.

HR Lab is a platform for comprehensive HR solutions in the field of recruitment and selection, talent attraction and employer branding. It supports employers in developing the right employment policy and investment in human resources and enables the building of successful and efficient teams. Through a modern system for monitoring candidate applications, HR Lab Assistant facilitates and speeds up the hiring process for employers.

HelloWorld is a platform dedicated to the IT community with the highest number of visits in the category of domestic IT portals, the highest number of registered users, but also of job advertisements. At the same time, it is the largest database of company profiles and reviews left by former and current employees about working in those companies.

Polovniautomobili.rs is the most visited domestic website for buying and selling cars, work machines, agricultural machinery, and used and new spare parts for all types of vehicles and machines. It also provides visitors with useful tips and information related to buying and selling vehicles and is visited by more than 3 million drivers every month.

4zida.rs is a website for real estate classifieds that connects buyers and sellers, and provides information and advice on purchasing. On it, visitors can find a house or an apartment in an old building or a new development to buy or rent, as well as ads for other real estate – garages, business premises, cottages, land…

Osiguranik.com is the only company in Serbia that provides personalized insurance services in an automated and digitized manner according to the so-called comparative model. On this website, the user can compare the prices of all insurance products available in Serbia in one place and several categories.

Inspira Hub (formally known as Infostud Hub) is a coworking space and an educational center that we started in order to give Subotica a place where entrepreneurship, exchange of ideas, mentoring and personal development of all those interested in IT and other fields would be nurtured.

Prodajadelova.rs is an online store for auto parts, batteries, oil and fluids, tires, tools and accessories for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles of all manufacturers. The site’s assortment consists of over a million different items. It has been a part of the Inspira group since May 2022.

AutoHub is an online store for auto parts, batteries, oils and fluids, tires, tools, and accessories for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles of all manufacturers. The AutoHub range consists of over a million different items. In addition to the Serbian market (autohub.rs), as of 2023, operations have expanded to the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina (autohub.ba).

Internet-prodaja-guma.com is the first internet tire store in Serbia which offers tires for all seasons for passenger, off-road and van vehicles, as well as motorcycle, scooter and ATV tires of domestic and foreign manufacturers. Tires are delivered to the address of the customer or the vulcanizer where the customer resides.

Mojagaraza.rs is a place where drivers share their experiences about cars and ask for advice from other users. The answers are given by repairmen or other drivers who have had experience with certain brands of vehicles.

Meet our team

Executive board

Branimir Gajić

Co-founder and director of the Inspira group

Branislava Gajić Stanojević

Founder and co-owner of the Inspira group and director of 4zida.rs

Stefan Salom

Co-founder and Development Director of the Inspira group

Management of the Inspira group

Anamarija Petrović

IT Director

Suzana Horvacki

Financial Director (CFO)

Dušica Vilov

Director of e-commerce

Petar Stakić

Director of Community Strategy

Tanja Ikić

Director of Human Resources and Corporate Communications

Jelena Hajder

Head of Corporate Communications

Branimir Gajić

Co-founder and director

Stefan Salom

Co-founder and Development Director

Inspira group’s businesses

Sonja Ćetković

Director of infostud.com

Nada Bundić

Director of polovniautomobili.com

Branislava Gajić Stanojević

Director of 4zida.rs

Miloš Mamula

Director of osiguranik.com

Nikola Đurović

Director of prodajadelova.rs and autohub.rs

Predrag Stanić

Director of internet-prodaja-guma.com

Inspira group’s history

Our journey though time





















Three founders

In the era of dial-up Internet, Branimir Gajić and Branislava Gajić Stanojević from Subotica, and Stefan Salom from Belgrade, founded the then Infostud. They are still co-owners and form the Management Board of the Inspira group.


First steps

At that time Infostud was financed by the founders’ salaries and pocket money.

Work was done from home on PCs, and was a service for students with a focus on faculty presentations and study trips.


We enter into the world of employment

The field of employment is seen as a promising business model, and a separate website poslovi.infostud.com is created, which today is the most successful business of the Group.


First profit

The first profit was made. We enter our first offices at the Economic Institute.


First car

Dial-up becomes history, ADSL comes to Subotica. We are buying our first company car.


We expand

The website polovniautomobili.com, today the leading advertisement in the automotive market, was purchased.

We enter into a partnership with the Daily Mail and General Trust, a British corporation that becomes the owner of 25% of Infostud.

We open the first office in Belgrade.


First baby

The first Infostud baby was born.


We enter into e-commerce

We are expanding into e-commerce by purchasing the webiste Internet-prodaja-guma.com


New partnership

We buy the website Moja garaža, a place where Serbia parks cars.

Finnish corporation Alma Media acquires 25% of Infostud from Daily Mail.


First 100

We exceed the number of 100 employees.


We venture into new businesses

We create the Hello World website, intended for IT professionals.

We buy the Osiguranik website and are the first in Serbia to develop a comparative insurance sales model.


Another step forward

We enter the field of real estate by purchasing 4zida.rs

Together with 8 other IT companies, we founded the Digital Serbia Initiative, a non-governmental and non-profit organization that advocates for the transformation of Serbia into a digital society.


The first center for the IT community in Subotica

We open the Infostud Hub, a cowoorking space and a gathering place for the IT community in Subotica.


We continue to grow

We have 4 internet companies and 180 employees.


Development of the IT market as a focus

We launch the first Machine Learning conference in Subotica, which was visited by more than 100 participants.

From the Serbian Chamber of Commerce we receive the Đorđe Weifert award for the influence on the development of the IT market at the national and local level.


A year of challenges

We successfully withstood the impact of the coronavirus crisis.

We did not fire people, we kept leadership positions.


The third decade of business begins

We launch the Autohub.rs online auto parts store.

We launch the organization IT Subotica 2030, together with other Subotica IT companies and educational institutions, with the intention of making our city a regional IT center.


We bravely continue our journey

Infostud group changes its name into Inspira group which marks the beginning of the third decade of doing business.

We have 6 businesses and 10 webistes.

We exceed 300 employees anf 220 children.

The website prodajadelova.rs becomes a part of the Group, then still known as Infostud group.


We have launched operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina

After successfully developing our business and achieving a leading position in the domestic market, expanding ProdajaDelova and AutoHub to regional markets was a logical step for further growth and business development.

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