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Who and where we are

We are the Inspira group! We are proud of a lot of things, and we would like to share a piece of us with you…

We have always been a domestic company and have been here since 2000. We have various websites and applications from the fields of employment, automotive, insurance and real estate. Almost all of them are leaders in their fields – Infostud, Polovni automobili, 4Zida, Osiguranik, Internet prodaja guma, Prodaja delova…

We live and work in Subotica (we will later talk about our town), and a part of our team is in Belgrade.

What makes us successful is a team of over 300 good and hard-working people, who have healthy and constructive attitudes toward life, work, and other people. These are people who want to grow and are responsible for their own development. Along the way, we give every employee a wind beneath their wings and a chance to realize their full potential, whether it is in a form of appropriate training, additional psychological support, mentoring, or professional development. We care that people find the right place for themselves within the company so that we progress, both in the specialist and management sense.

In an environment of mutual respect and collegiality, we share knowledge, successes, and failures, all together – experts, seniors, and young people.

Family is important to us and we strive to maintain a balance between work and private life, in accordance with the needs of each individual. We love parties, and nature and support a healthy lifestyle. We love our city, our country, and our alphabet and we support and celebrate diversity.

Benefits of working at the Inspira group

With good working conditions and benefits, we support what we believe in: growth and development, health, family and companionship.

Learning and development

In our environment, interesting projects await employees.

Through programs of mentoring, training, and visits to conferences, we develop our potential, and through the Psychological Support Program, we provide employees with important additional encouragement for personal and business development.

Health and sport

We have voluntary health insurance.

We favour a healthy lifestyle, we practice running, walking and cycling, and our benefits package includes the use of wellness, gym, swimming pools, paid sports appointments, marathons, fitpass, lunch allowances, fruit and refreshments…

Family support

To us, family support is not a platitude, but concrete help.

We are proud of our dads whom we have enabled to take advantage of “paternity leave” and spend a few months with their babies.

As an additional help, we have provided grants for nurseries, gifts for babies, a day off for parents of top students, full salary for sick leave or child care for up to a month, New Year’s gifts for children…

Flexible working conditions

We try to provide a business environment with as little stress as possible.

We have regulated flexible working hours so that you can work from home at least one day a week, and if you work longer with us, you have the right to work outside the office for 2 weeks a year. We are flexible regarding the use of days off, and in the case of sick leave and child care lasting up to 5 days, no medical remittances are needed.


We like to travel and explore other cultures, so we organize excursions within our country and abroad. So far we have visited Moscow, St. Petersburg, Brussels, Krakow, Azerbaijan, Slovenia, and of course we have also visited a good part of Serbia… We gather at team-buildings and parties, and together wealso  go to various cultural and sports events. 

We are guided by these values

  • We are courageous
  • We are entrepreneurial
  • We value the strength of the team
  • We play fair
We are courageous
  • We take deliberate risks. We are ready to step into the new and unknown and take responsibility for it.
  • We are ambitious. We set and achieve goals that make the business grow and us with it.
  • We take a stance. We express our opinion with argumentation and respect for others. We don’t keep quiet because we are talking to our superiors or because we want to maintain good relationships, because we believe that honesty strengthens them, and shouldn’t jeopardize them.
  • We make decisions and solve problems. We independently make decisions and solve problems that are within our range and our responsibility. When it is not needed, we don’t make unnecessary delays or wait for consultations or mutual agreements.
We are entrepreneurial
  • We make things happen. We act and never wait for things to happen by themselves or for someone to tell us what to do. We start things and finish them.
  • We improve. We continuously review the current situation and the status quo and self-initiatively improve what we do (processes and products) when there is an opportunity to do so.
  • We are agile. We plan how we will achieve our goals, but we also adapt to changing circumstances. Sometimes we adjust the way we work, the product, and sometimes even the direction we are taking and the goal itself.
  • We develop. We question ourselves, become aware of areas for improvement, and work on them.We don’t just wait for the system to point them out to us or provide the conditions and opportunities.
We value the strength of the team
  • We strive for synergy. We strive for team synergy and better coordination with each other. We value strong individuals who can function in a team.
  • We achieve results as a team. As a team, we are focused on achieving results. We are directed towards a common goal and each individual invests energy in that direction. Team goals are above the goals and attitudes of individuals.
  • We value diversity. We support the diversity of team members to avoid uniformity, but also to gain different perspectives and abilities needed for what we are working on.
  • We are open. We create a safe environment where we can clearly, directly, constructively and respectfully give and receive positive and negative feedback, express our opinions, and ask for help, all for the sake of developing ourselves and our team.
We play fair
  • We respect others. We behave in the manner we would like to be treated. we respect our colleagues, partners, and users and, whenever it’s possible, make decisions that benefit all of us.
  • We respect the competition. In the fight on the market, we strive to win with quality and business improvement, and, whenever possible, create an overall better market, and do not focus on making it worse for the competition.
  • We are conscientious. We work responsibly and think about the essential correctness of our decisions and actions.

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Why Subotica?

The city is neither too big nor too small, it has everything you need for a well-rounded and meaningful life. There are opportunities for education and employment, and for family people, it is ideal as it is a peaceful place with many picnic spots, surrounded by natural beauty. Belgrade and Budapest are only a two-hour drive away from us, so when we crave the charm of the big city, we can easily be there! And perhaps most importantly, we go to work mostly on foot or by bicycle, and the time we would spend daily in transportation to work is seen as a bonus.

That is why we launched the IT Subotica 2030 initiative, together with other companies and educational institutions from Subotica, with the aim of making our city a regional IT center, and through a series of social activities, to show that it is a good place to live and work.

IT Subotica 2030

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