We care about the community

The development of the Inspira group goes hand in hand with the development of the community we are a part of, in which we live and work.

Support in many ways

We invest metodically and support in several ways:

  • We encourage the development of digital business and entrepreneurship in Serbia
  • We lead the digital and entrepreneurial development of Subotica and its surroundings
  • Help the education and academic development of Subotica

By systematically investing in society, we create better conditions for everyone, and at the same time motivate and drive people to make further positive changes – good for society and for all of us.

Our contribution to the community

IT Subotica 2030

We are one of the founders of the organization „IT Subotica 2030“, which connects Subotica IT companies with educational institutions. We embarked on this journey with the vision of our city becoming a recognizable regional IT center, with a lively business and congress IT scene. The first results of our activities show that more and more IT experts and students recognize Subotica as a place to achieve their business goals and a place where they could realize their vision of harmonious life. In addition to activities aimed at the development of information technologies, through a series of social and environmental activities in the city IT Subotica 2030 intends to make Subotica an ideal place to live, study and work.

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Digital Serbia initiative

We are one of the founding companies of the „Digital Serbia Initiative“, an organization that gathers leading IT companies from our country, as well as companies from various sectors relevant to the growth of the digital ecosystem. We have gathered with the aim of using our knowledge, expertise and resources to help create a business environment that serves the digital economy. Serbia is also recognized globally as a country where IT, in addition to agriculture, is a strategic product. With our involvement in DSI, we want innovative digital products to improve domestic business, and to empower their creators, young and promising people, to stay in their country.

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Inspira Hub (previously known as Infostud hub)

In Subotica, we created the Inspira Hub, which used to be called Infostud Hub as a coworking space and an educational center. In this way, our city got a place where entrepreneurship, exchange of ideas, mentoring and personal development of all those interested in the IT field will be nurtured.

The main motive of the Inspira Group for starting such a space lies precisely in the need of Subotica, which has long lacked a place for gathering the IT community and “reviving” their ideas. We have recognized this need and we hope to help solve it.

As a company that was among the first to start developing a business in the very infancy of the Internet in our country, we wish to help others to have a less thorny path to business success by providing logistical and mentoring support.

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We are the initiators of the student competition for programmers and economists. This form of a hackathon has been gathering the most talented teams of students from the Technical College of Vocational Studies and the Faculty of Economics in Subotica for six years in a row. Our wish is to create a generation of future programmers and economists who will apply the acquired knowledge in Serbia through innovative approaches to education through the practical and mentoring support of Inspira Group employees.

We are very proud of the fact that many of them are now our colleagues and we work together to develop our businesses.

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Science and Engineering Center PFE Tršić

We also demonstrated the Group’s long-term commitment to invest in youth development by supporting the “PFE Science and Engineering Center“ in the organization of camps in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics. This initiative gathers several dozen male and female students from secondary schools in Serbia and the region who, under the mentorship of top experts, gain invaluable experience in the field of robotics, which they can use to trace their interests and further their professional path.

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Petlja Foundation

We are also aware of the importance of children’s digital literacy from the youngest school age, therefore we have been helping the “Petlja” Foundation for several years now. We are proud of our contribution to Petlja’s efforts to make programming a subject in elementary schools so that we as a society can influence the rise of algorithmic literacy in Serbia and get closer to the best European practices in terms of IT education for our students.

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