Inspira Hub

In Subotica, we created a coworking space and an educational center.

The best place for IT gatherings

Inspira Hub was created with the support of the Inspira group. For a long time, Subotica lacked a place for gathering the IT community and “reviving” their ideas. This was also the main reason why the Infostud group helped establish the Hub. Thus, the educational center and coworking space was created, giving Subotica a place where entrepreneurship, exchange of ideas, mentorship and personal development of all those interested in the IT field would be nurtured. By providing logistical and mentoring support, we want to help others have a less bumpy road to business success.

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Center for the IT community

Inspira Hub is the central gathering place of the IT community in Subotica and the region. We are always open for advice and help for young people and entrepreneurs from the IT community.

Coworking space

Inspira Hab is the only modernly equipped coworking space in Subotica and its surrounding. With 24 work stations, fiber optic internet and other amenities, it represents as an the ideal place to work for all those who need a functional and pleasant workspace.

Educational center

Through the Inspira Hub programs, regular free lectures, gatherings and guest appearances by IT experts are organized, as well as courses, workshops and other events.

Event venue

We have a modular and fully equipped space for organizing various events, from lectures, workshops, and seminars to film screenings.

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