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We are open to all your questions and comments, and our colleagues from the HR sector will quickly answer your inquiry.

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    The Recruitment and Selection Team

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    The Recruitment and Selection Team

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    The Recruitment and Selection Team

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    The selection process

    We are open to all your questions and comments, and colleagues from the HR sector will answer you quickly.

    What does the selection process look like?

    The selection process is not scary, don’t worry. Through several conversations with you, we would like to introduce you to the job that awaits you, the team you are joining, our culture and values. We also wish to get to know you, your previous experience and make sure that you have the necessary knowledge and skills for the position you are applying for.

    You can find out below more about what awaits you on this journey.

    I want to apply for a job at the Inspira group, how do I do it?

    We often have open vacancies (see them on this page), but you can also apply through the job advertisement. Then you need to have a resume that you will include in the application, and you can also add a motivational letter. You will receive an answer from us within two weeks, at the most. If we do not have an open position that matches your career wishes, feel free to write to us via the contact form on this page.

    You need to leave your email address so that we can respond to you as soon as possible (most often it is within two to three days).

    Who will I talk to at the interviews?

    You can always count on there being at least one of the colleagues from the admission and selection team – Slađana or Tatjana, or another colleague from the HR sector. In addition, sometimes you will also meet a colleague from the hiring team during the first interview. This person is often your future mentor. And during the process, you will also meet your future superior.

    How many interviews will I have and how long will they last?

    First, there will be a shorter interview (30-45 minutes long), and it represents the first round of our selection process.

    If you pass, there will be a second interview for which you will need a little more time (90-120 minutes). It happens, but rarely, that there is a third round of interviews, but it is usually a shorter one (cca 30 minutes).

    If you apply for a position in our IT department, there is usually only one interview which lasts for about 60-90 minutes, and it comes after you complete the technical assignment.

    Are the interviews online or in person?

    It’s important to us to meet you in person, and we try to make that happen whenever possible. Sometimes our need to see each other via video link is dictated by your location or the epidemiological situation. We will let you know what the interview will be like when making an appointment. If you are from another city, and we invite you to be our guest, the reimbursement of travel expenses is implied.

    What are you going to ask me? What can I ask you?

    We will talk about the items from the resume, your motivation, the competencies required for the position you have applied for, and we will also look for specific examples of behavior from your previous experience. Some of the questions we will ask you may look like this: “Recall a situation when you had a large number of tasks and a very short deadline. What did it look like?”.

    Or: “Give us an example of a situation when you invested extra effort in a project or activity, and no one asked you to.”

    We know that it is not easy to remember immediately and give a good example, so if you need a little more time to think before giving an answer – that’s ok, we are patient.

    What can you ask us?

    Um… well, you’ll see, we like to talk a lot and any question you have is welcome. We believe that selection is a two-way process and that it is important to see if there is a mutual match. You should find out everything you are interested in about us and if we are the company where you see your career path.

    Will I be doing an assignment, and what kind?

    Yes. If we invite you to the second round of selection, in most cases you can expect a task, and it is done between the first two interviews. The type of task is adapted to the position you are applying for, and most often it is the kind of task you will encounter in working with us. For example, if it is a developer position – expect to program something, and if it is a position in business development – in that case, you will be able to give a certain analysis or proposal.

    Most of the tasks are such that you will do them independently, but some tasks require working in a group. In any case, the type of task will be announced to you already during the first conversation.

    In the case of developer positions, the task is technical. It takes about an hour, at our place or online, depending on the situation, and one of our colleagues from the IT team will be with you the whole time to support and help you. The assignment is usually followed by an interview.

    How long does the selection process take and if and when will I receive feedback?

    The selection process usually lasts about a month, and whether it will last longer or shorter depends on the number of applications received. You will get feedback, whether it is positive or not. At the most, one week from the closing of the competition, we will let you know whether we will invite you to an interview or not. During the interview, you will receive further information about the time frames for selection and feedback.

    What should my resume look like? Should I write a motivational letter?

    The resume is your first contact with us, it will tell us the story of your experience, so look at it that way. It is important to include relevant experience, and it is even better to describe that experience more specifically. For example, state what your key responsibilities were in your previous position, which technologies you actively use, etc.

    If you have and want to present projects to us, feel free to add a link that takes us to them. Everything you want to tell us, which is not in the resume, feel free to write in the motivation letter. A motivational letter should not be an overwritten resume, and we don’t mind if you don’t have one, but it can be a convenient place to introduce yourself to us, to write why this position is for you, or to tell us anything else that is important to you.

    The Recruitment and Selection Team is at your disposal for all posible questions

    Can’t find the answer you need? Contact our HR team, they will quickly answer your questions.

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